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Class Descriptions

While there are many styles of meditation, Grounded offers several choices, all of which are easy to understand and practice. Try them all and decide what works best for you. Regardless of which you prefer, each of them has essentially the same ultimate goal- to encourage you to stay in the present and let go of all that extra ‘stuff’ cluttering up your mind!

While meditating in a group setting can give you support and motivation for your practice, as well as create a sense of community with like-minded meditators, Grounded Meditation also offers private and small group classes. Please inquire about structure and rates for these.

Grounded Meditation instructors are available to come to your workplace as well. ‘Conference Room’ or ‘Lunchtime’ meditation sessions can be an extremely beneficial and enjoyable break for your entire staff.

Classes last approximately 30 minutes. Meditation Sampler and Beginner Meditation are hour-long classes. Please arrive on time. Due to the nature of the practice, we regret that we will not be able to let anybody into our studio more than five minutes after class begins.

Gift a healing, rejuvenating class or membership to someone special!!

Purchase a gift certificate for family or friends. Contact us by phone or email to request as many as you’d like!