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Corporate Meditation

We recognize that your employees are under an excessive amount of stress right now with major uncertainties looming in front of them every day. Aside from providing a channel for relaxation and stress-relief, Meditation has been proven to help with focus; energy level and concentration, among many other benefits that will come in handy in the workplace.

Grounded offers customized sessions, designed specifically to meet the needs of your staff. Choose from any of the types of meditation we offer; combine with a Sound Bath or one of our signature workshops, and decide on the length of time that works best for you. We can accommodate up to 100 people on Zoom for a simple 30 or 45-minute lunch-break mediation, or for a more comprehensive 60-90 minute session. Contact us to discuss pricing and how you can give back to your employees to keep them happier and more productive in the workplace. It’s a win-win situation!