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Cacao is the “super food” of the moment- the purest, and most natural manifestation of the cacao plant- the same one responsible for any type of chocolate that you consume, but in minimally processed form. Unlike everyday chocolate, the ceremonial grade cacao contains no sugar or other additives.

A Cacao Ceremony is a warm and empowering community experience, joining people together to experience the healing and energetic qualities of cacao while incorporating meditation, sound, reflection, astrology, conversation, connection and of course, Cacao! This ceremony will focus on the heart chakra- the center of love, joy and gratitude and will include a guided heart-opening meditation and sound bath journey, chanting, gentle movement, astrological discussion, and of course, an exploration into the experience of tasting and reflecting on the Cacao itself. A unique, not-to-be missed experience that will leave you warm and cozy both inside and out!

Please bring your own mat and any props you would like such as eye covering, bolster, blanket, etc.

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