Grounded – Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’ve never meditated before!  Is Grounded Meditation right for me?

    Yes! We love introducing beginners to the world of meditation. Most people who are new to meditation are pleasantly surprised at how simple and easy to learn it actually is. And at how good it feels!

  • My life is very busy- kids, work, activities- I don’t think that I have time to meditate!

    Meditation does not need to be a very time consuming process and the rewards are certainly worth the time commitment! Classes at Grounded Meditation are typically only 30 minutes long- and when practiced regularly can help make your busy life more manageable!

  • I have issues with my back and cannot sit cross-legged on the floor. Can I still meditate?

    Absolutely! You are not required to sit in any position that is not comfortable for you. Mediation can be done sitting on a chair, a bench, or even, at times, laying down. At Grounded Meditation, we will provide multiple options for meditation positions so that you can find the one that works best for you.

  • I’ve tried meditating with an app on my phone but don’t feel like it’s doing anything for me. 

    Meditation apps can be great for some people, but many new and experienced meditators prefer the direction and community of a live class. At Grounded Meditation there is always an opportunity to discuss questions and concerns with the instructor; something that’s missing when you’re meditating via your phone!

  • I see that Grounded Meditation offers a variety of classes. How do I know which one to choose?

    The best way to choose would be to try them all. Some people prefer to meditate while just focusing on the breath; some like a word or phrase to focus on; some feel more ‘grounded’ with a visual cue.  Find out what works best for you; you may enjoy them all!

  • How often should I meditate?

     Studies have shown that daily mediation can provide you with great benefits, including better sleep, less anxiety, and better focus, among others. This does not mean that you need to attend class daily (although we’d love to see you there!) but taking classes with Grounded can give you the framework that you can use to meditate at home – or  anywhere- when it’s not feasible to get to class.

  • Is it okay for me to bring my kids to meditation class?

    Meditation has  been proven to be beneficial to people of all ages! As a guideline,  we ask that your children be 12 and older, but we welcome younger ones so long as they are comfortable sitting still and quietly for 30 minutes at a time.

  • What should I wear to class?

    As the saying goes, ‘Come as you are’! While it’s nice to meditate in comfortable clothing, many people come to our classes right before or after work and it’s not necessary to go home and change first. If you are wearing especially restrictive clothing that might not be compatible with sitting on our floor cushions, you have the option to sit on a bench or chair.

  • Do I need to pre-register for classes or can I just drop in?

    In order to accommodate everyone properly, our morning classes require pre-registration by 9:00 p.m. the night before. Evening and afternoon classes require pre-registration at least two hours prior to class start time. You can register by clicking the ‘schedule a class’ button on our home page or giving us a call at (203) 717-4777.  Drop-ins will be accommodated based on availability.

“Amazing place! Incredible Instruction!” – Maria H.

“I‘ve been attending classes at Grounded Meditation for two months now and it has truly changed my quality of life for the better. I’m so grateful that I found Grounded Meditation and recommend it to anyone seeking balance in their life.” – Claire A.

“What a wonderful, peaceful, and safe space. Was almost a little intimidated to try meditation but I am so happy I did. It was a great experience, no pressure, super easy and very relaxing. Thank you Catherine and Diane.” – Justa B.

“The feeling of inner peace and tranquility that you get is instantaneous and has to be experienced to be fully understood. A wonderful class in a beautiful relaxing space with an instructor that exudes calm. I highly recommend giving it a try!” – Larry B.

“I just took a Dancing Mindfulness class with Diane and it was amazing! We relaxed; found our centers and if you really want to live in the moment and let your imagination and feelings go, it’s a perfect class to take!” – Ron E.

“I just took a class with Diane- it was absolutely so centering and peaceful- you just feel at peace with yourself and don’t think about anything from the outside world. Thank you Diane; can’t wait to take another class with you. For anybody who wants to take a class, it is well worth it!” – Charlene W.